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There are many situations and stories that can hold us back from reaching our full potential in our love life, business life, parent life and all the lives that we lead. All of us just want to feel like we've accomplished something meaningful and have a fantastic time doing it!

This is an opportunity no matter where you are in the world to have a weekly one on one with me as your guide to help you navigate your way to full expression of who you are, resulting in a healthier mind and body, freer communication with your loved ones, a loss of fear when jumping into new opportunities and a more vibrant zest for life!

If you are interested in working with me or know someone who might be contact me here and

let's get to work! 🙌🔥


"I learned of Franko from his online meditations. When I saw he was accepting coaching clients I reached out immediately. Living nearly 9,000 miles away, I wasn't sure if he'd accept me as a client. Thankfully we made it work through the magic of video conferencing! Immediately Franko made me feel at ease, something I don't usually feel when meeting new people. We talked about many things, but mostly my right to take up space in the world. Franko made me feel seen, understood and best of all interesting. He helped me explore a long buried creative side with his generous support. We talked about the importance of my unique perspective in the world which felt so empowering. Without Franko's coaching I would not have taken a step toward the self-expression I am today. I feel re-energized!

Franko has a special soul that everyone should experience. He's full of light and love. I will remain forever grateful that our lives have intersected. I can say mine will never be the same after meeting Franko.


- E Mattice

"I am so happy that I treated myself to a few months of coaching sessions with Franko Heke. Having discovered Franko through his guided meditation for alleviating depression, found in the application, Insight Timer, I felt a strong calming, nourishing vibration from the voice I heard. I knew that I wanted to learn more from this wonderfully reassuring soul. When I learned that I could do private coaching with him and that it was quite affordable, I started the series.

Not only was each session a very positive boost to my psychospiritual well-being, but I found that he had a strongly intuitive and sensitive ability to tune in to where I needed encouragement and validation. During the time of my coaching with Franko, and from the loving encouragement I received, I reignited my love of writing music and poetry. I also began doing a morning breath practice. I feel more in touch with my heart guiding me in day to day decisions about my life, both small and big.

Franko, as a spiritual life coach, is one in a million! He is authentic, funny, vibrant, and 100% kind. I cannot recommend him highly enough. I am very likely to do more coaching with him soon.

If you feel inclined to try coaching but you’re not sure what you will get out of it or how it will go, I strongly encourage you to give it a try. I think you will be happily surprised with the gifts from it ! And Franko will help you to determine goals to work on and help you process and progress in any areas where you might feel stuck."


- N Olivier

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